1,001 Photo Ideas:
On a mission to collect over one thousand photography ideas to "paws-itively" inspire photographers.

**Published: November 16, 2016**     **Updated: March 13, 2017**

This page is a work-in-progress designed to give photographers abundant photo ideas

For example, our mommy Catherine finds photo inspiration in a myriad of ways:

1.   Taking a nature walk.

2.   A trip to the grocery store.

3.   Listening to music (Catherine enjoys Christian music).

4.   Reading Bible verses.

5.   Observing wildlife from a window.

6.   Vet appointments.

7.   Writing articles for clients.

8.   Discovering cool products in dollar stores.

9.   Reading inspirational quotes from industry leaders.

10.  Working on home renovation projects.

11.  Looking at a cookie box.

12. Organizations doing good in our world.

13. Listening to a self-help audio program.

14. Knowing what's trending. Google Trends can help you know what's trending right now in a variety of areas such as in business, health, and more.

15. What you wear.

16. The changing seasons throughout the year.

17. Holidays such as Christmas, New Years, Easter, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Hanukkah, birthday parties, anniversaries, and other celebrations dear to your heart.

18. Newborn babies. You could take precious photos of a newborn baby for your family, friends, and clients.

18. Family reunions.

19. Your favourite food.

20. Funny things your pet do or memories you want to capture about your pet.

21. Glass patterns -- from something as small as glass ornaments to something as big as stained window glass.

22. Incorporating engraved stones into your images can turn an over-photographed subject such as the beautiful autumn leaves -- into an extraordinary image of the autumn season.

23. Thinking patriotic themes.

24. Taking quality photos of homes for real estate agents.

25. Experimenting with colourful lights in the background such as blurred Christmas lights.

Hurrah! 25 Photo Ideas!!
Still so many "paws-ibilities" as Catherine strives for 1,001 photo ideas

26. Your imagination. When ideas spring to your mind, jot them down on paper. Have a notebook handy, a binder of ideas, post-it notes, type it into a document on your laptop, or any form of recording that works for you. You'll be amazed at how many ideas you capture doing this. Catherine has lost count of how many photo ideas she's recorded. In fact, all the abundance of image ideas she's collected helped her make the decision to do photography full-time because she knew she had loads of ideas to act on!

27. Fairy tale inspiration. Catherine has a few ideas inspired by the movie, Frozen, which she's looking forward to acting on.

28. Famous characters or stories now in public domain. Search Google using the keyword "public domain." Public domain means the copyright has expired and the characters or story are available for re-creation. There's a Forbes.com article that talks about public domain called 50 Disney Movies Based On The Public Domain. There is also a good list here of famous public domain characters. Always double-check to make sure they are indeed still in public domain. But we hope this gets your creativity started in right (paws-itive) direction!

29. Items you want to donate or minimise from your home.

30. Superhero themes.

31. The book "Think Inside the Box: A Story About How You Can Easily Solve Any Problem, and Come up with All the Ideas You Need" by David Deutsch is a strategic way to generate ideas. Catherine got a copy when she was a copywriter. But she feels it can help photographers too. She looks forward to sharing ways it's helped her generate photo ideas so you can get "paws-itively" inspired too!

32. Cleaning out your kitchen cupboards. Catherine was cleaning out her kitchen and came across a spice that wasn't getting used. Something inside told her to keep it. Later, a photo idea came to her mind. She took the photo, and it's one of her top sellers! She still has this kitchen spice because she has more ideas to take before letting it go.

33. Your emotions. For example, how do your pets make you feel? Catherine feels joy. She has taken portraits of us. She wants to combine three images into one using the Photomerge┬« Compose tool from Photoshop Elements 14, then add the word "JOY" to the image.

34. Wear a wig. 

35. When you work with people, and they have ideas to share, listen. They may inspire you with ideas you hadn't thought of yet.

36. Read a book not related to photography but see if it inspires ideas. Catherine has a flower arrangement book which she is considering using to help her arrange a flower theme.

37. Take a photo from your pet's perspective. Catherine got this idea from Dreamstime and she now has two pet perspectives available exclusively on Dreamstime. The first stock image is Matt putting our hamster Rhino back in his enclosure. The other stock image is our hamster Rhino's perspective of Matt trying to give him a baby carrot.

38. Patterns.

39. Cosmetics. Catherine has an idea for creating an image for designers using her favourite lipstick colour.

40. Incorporate your favourite colour into an image idea.

41. Toys. Catherine has a few plush toys - a lamb and a dragon which has inspired two different photo ideas.

42. Incorporating the moon into your photos.

43. Experimenting with sun bursts in your photos.

44. Sunsets and sunrises.

There's still a long way for our mommy to go to reach her goal of 1,001 photo ideas. Her hope as she journeys forward is you're getting abundant inspiration for your photography.

Also, as Catherine journeys forward, she intends to add actual photo examples beside each idea, too.