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Stock Image Ideas for You,
Issue #001 by Paws-itive Kitties

Newsletter Sent to Subscribers On: April 27th, 2016

Updated Online: May 29, 2016


We’re grateful that you’re a part of our newsletter and we want to welcome you to our very first issue!

As we journey forward, you’ll discover an insightful “behind-the-scenes” look as to what inspires Catherine to take photos – so you’re “paws-itively” encouraged and will gain many new ideas.

At the moment though, we’re still working on building So we don’t have our exclusive “behind-the-scenes” interviews and articles ready (yet).

But we’ve promised to send new stock image ideas on the 27th of every month – and we want to keep those promises. So here we go! 

Here are three photography ideas for you:

1) The next time you’re at a grocery store and you see food that looks so amazing that it’s too good to eat at first, add it to your grocery cart and when you get home, set up a photo shoot.

Here’s one example of when Catherine turned a trip to the grocery store into a photo opportunity. She saw a strawberry that was shaped like a heart … a true heart-shape! She decided to get a close-up of it with a bowl of strawberries in the background. You can see it here on iStock

2) Take your camera with you on nature walks. Catherine and Matt were walking Rocky and Daisey (the “Paws-itive” Beagles) one summer afternoon when they came across a painted turtle.

Catherine had to run back to the house to get her camera, but thankfully, the little turtle was still there when she returned.

As Catherine started taking photos, she paid attention to the turtle’s space and kept a respectful distance so the turtle remained close. You can see the image that stock agencies, such as 123rf, accepted here.

3) Think of an organization you’d like to support – and take photos they can use for their website or informational handouts. For example, Catherine likes supporting organizations that help people with Alzheimer’s and that also offer support to families. The “Forget-Me-Not” flower has become symbolic for helping organizations raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease.

During springtime, “Forget-Me-Not” flowers grow abundantly in our yard. So one spring season, Catherine picked some “Forget-Me-Not” flowers in our yard. Then, during a visit with her grandma, she asked her grandma if she’d like to help with a photo idea; of course, her grandma was happy to do so. She held the “Forget-Me-Not” flowers and a “Hope” rock. Here is the image Catherine took on BigStock.

We hope that you found these ideas helpful as you pursue your photography projects.

We look forward to sending more stock image ideas on the 27th of next month!


Buster and Angel, the “Paws-itive” Kitties