Stock Image Idea: Brown Tabby Cat on a Violet Background with Vignette

**Published: July 25, 2016**

Article and Interview By: Daisey, the "Paws-itive" Beagle

Catherine wondered, “Do stock photo agencies accept images with vignettes?”

After all, designers can add their own effects – such as a vignette – when they buy a commercial license to use it. A vignette is a curved decorative border around the edges of a photo.

Catherine did a search on a stock photo agency website and discovered that they do accept images with vignettes. So she added a white vignette to Angel’s cat photo to create even more uniqueness.

In today's interview, you'll learn more about this image to gain ideas for your own photography projects. 


Daisey: What camera settings did you use? 

Catherine: Please keep in mind I’m always learning and improving. But here’s a look at my camera settings that day...


Daisey: How can Angel's cat photo inspire ideas for photographers?

Catherine: This was a lucky photo. In that, I had my camera in the office at the right time when Angel was up on her kitty tower. 

I pointed my camera to her, she looked at me, and the photo turned out really well -- great focus, nice background space, and of course a cute moment from our beautiful cat.

The first tip here then is to keep your camera handy, around where you're working, ready to go when a unique moment appears. 

I also like this image because the background shows how nice the paint looks in our office. My brother helped paint our office last spring, and it created a "purr-fect" background. 

Tip two, is if you have a freshly painted wall without any pictures hanging up (yet) this could serve as a nice, clean background for some of your photo ideas.

The third tip is to experiment with photo editing. The vignette I added was a little bit of a risk. Designers can add their own special effects such as a vignette. But I felt adding the vignette made the image stronger.

So if you're unsure about adding a special effect, browse a stock agency or two and see if other photographers have used the special effect you'd like to try. If they have, you know stock agencies are open to receiving those types of photo submissions. Once you know that, it may help encourage you to apply the special effect to your photo. 

Before the "vignette" was added:


After the "vignette" was added:


Daisey: How does Angel's cat photo fill a customer need?

Catherine: There is copy space on this image. This means that anyone needing a cat image and wanting to include a personalized message can find this photo helpful. 

Daisey: What title, description, and keywords did you use for Angel's cat photo?

Catherine: Here they are...

Title: Brown Tabby Cat on a Violet Background with Vignette

Description: Close-up of a female, brown tabby cat looking towards the camera. Violet background provides copy space. Image is framed with a white vignette.

Keywords: Animal; Animal Head; Background; Brown tabby cat; Cat; Close-up; Copy Space; Domestic Cat; Feline; Furry; Kitty; Looking at Camera; Mammal; Pet; Tabby; Violet; White Vignette

Daisey: Which stock photo agencies accepted Angel's cat image?

Catherine: Here are the stock photo agencies that now offer a commercial license to use this "Close-Up of Cookies and Cream Cheesecake" image:

Thanks Catherine! I hope you are “paws-itively” inspired too!


Daisey, the “Paws-itive” Beagle

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