About Writer & Photographer
Catherine Cairns-OKeefe ...

... and how her skills can help you get the top-quality photos or articles you need ...

Catherine started photography professionally in 2009 while still running her full-time copywriting business.

In the Spring of 2014, she transitioned from copywriting and embraced a creative career in photography and online publishing. Her success story appears on the AWAI's Wall of Fame.

AWAI is the American Writers and Artists Inc. -- the company that has played a huge role in helping Catherine live a wonderful freelancer's life.

Catherine continues to learn and grow professionally, and is experienced in a variety of writing styles ... and is also experienced in taking top quality portraits, wedding photos, editorial photos, stock images, and fine art photos. 

Her mission? To "sprinkle goodness" in our world through the words she writes and photos she takes. 

Catherine's photography skills include:

  • Taking professional quality pictures using her Nikon DSLR cameras.
  • Producing quality edits through the programs Photoshop Elements and ArcSoft PhotoImpression.
  • Passing the high standards of technical and creative qualities stock photo agencies look for -- and as a result, Catherine is in 11 stock photo agencies including the top agencies iStock, Shutterstock, Bigstock, Dreamstime, and more.

As seen in!

More ... as seen in!

Catherine's photos and articles were published in the pet website, New Dog Owners:

Catherine continues to grow professionally from industry leaders through audio programs including:

Five of Catherine's
professional highlights include:

  • Taking photos and reporting on school events...
  • Selling her photos on stock photo agencies (plus taking portraits, candid wedding photos, event photos and more)...
  • Writing sales material for self-help giant, Nightingale-Conant and AWAI's travel division, Great Escape Publishing...
  • Sharing the stage with well-known marketer and copywriter, Bob Bly, at an American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) "Fast Track to Success" bootcamp. 

And now... Catherine shares her full
professional biography and a
sincere note of thanks

Hello! Thanks for the opportunity to share this with you -- in hopes it helps you get to know me better as a professional.

My professional career started in copywriting back in 2002. (And it was copywriting assignments on photo topics that led me to my career in photography now!!)

But back to copywriting for a moment ... The heart of my mission as a copywriter was to "Make our world a better place through my writing..." and I did have many wonderful opportunities to do that with clients such as Nightingale-Conant. 

Now, as a photographer, I strive to "make our world a better place through photos that inspire, offer hope, help memories last 'fur-ever' and more 'paws-itive' qualities."

Before I share more, I first thank you, dear clients for the life you have given me. I am grateful for the opportunities you have sent my way. Working for you has enabled me to see so much of my family! I am so very thankful and grateful for that. May we all be blessed by work we love, and that helps our world become a better place. 

Now as a photographer and publisher of StockImageIdeas.com, I continue to stay grateful for all opportunities sent my way. 

Here now is my full professional biography so you can learn more about me and the skills I've developed ...

In photography, I learned from Turn Your Pictures into Cash published by Great Escape Publishing.

As a copywriter, I developed my copywriting skill through correspondence programs and annual bootcamps from the American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI). Their programs and bootcamps revealed the most cherished selling secrets of master copywriters so I could: consistently increase sales for my clients.

Over the course of a decade during my time as a copywriter, I’ve worked with some amazing clients including: the giant self-help publisher, Nightingale-Conant … AWAI ... Great Escape Publishing … a leading health publisher in Florida … and within my community, too, such as with our community's School Board writing stories about school events and taking photos too.

(By the way, If you're interested in making a very good living as a writer -- writing from home or anywhere in the world -- the American Writers and Artists Inc. -- AWAI -- is the company to go to for direction on how to make it happen. It is through following their main copywriting program and attending boot camps that I have embraced a fulfilling freelance lifestyle for over a decade. I'm also grateful to have made it onto AWAI's Wall of Fame -- a place where they celebrate success stories.)

I’ve also accomplished the following:

*I learned how to create breakthrough copy from the Gene Schwartz Graduate Course in Marketing published by Agora Learning Institute.

*In 2003, I was a Featured Speaker at AWAI’s Fast Track to Success bootcamp. (I wrote my client’s speech too.) My client from Nightingale-Conant, and myself, presented “Secrets of Writing Winning Copy for the Self-Help Market.”

*In 2004 I returned to AWAI’s Fast Track to Success where I presented self-promotion secrets with master copywriter and marketer, Bob Bly.

*I was a contributing magazine editor to Nightingale-Conant’s publication, AdvantEdge for nearly two years.

*I’m the author of the AWAI program, Self-Promotion Secrets for Novice Copywriters.

*I’ve been a guest presenter on two AWAI teleconferences with master copywriter and marketer, Bob Bly. The first was on self-promotion. The second was on how to write for, and succeed in the self-help market. I was also interviewed about the self-help market in Copywriting Insider, AWAI’s bi-weekly publication on niche markets. 

*I’ve had articles published in The Copy Protégé, an e-newsletter that was dedicated to helping copywriters thrive and prosper. AWAI has also published my tips in their online newsletter, The Golden Thread Online.

*I’ve presented advice on how to branch into the North American and International Markets at my community’s YWCA Women in Business (WIB) luncheon. I also volunteered for their film project. I shared how their WIB program helped me at the start of my career. This film is a tool they can use to inspire new people to sign up for their business programs and to help the YWCA raise funds for their programs. 

*In 2009, I started photography. I had previously written promotional material for a photography program. As part of the project, I received the learning materials. I went through the program and launched a side-career doing photography (and now it's full-time as of the Spring Season of 2014). My photography has resulted in wedding photo opportunities, editorial, portraits, fine art, and stock photography. 

*In March 2012, I attended a Webinar where I learned how to create landing pages that sell -- from direct response marketer, Bob Bly. For example, I learned the 10 rules for maximizing conversion rates for both free and paid offers. I also learned fascinating design insights such as which colour, used on the "Order Now" button, increased conversion rates (the answer surprised me!) ... and more. 

*I've developed my interview skills for over a decade interviewing well-known authors, experts in a variety of fields (photography, cruising free, and more) ... and on occasion, I've done freelance "reporting" work with my region's local School Board.

As I journey into the next decade of my career, I’ve started -- and am growing my photography business.

More "as seen in"
(from Catherine's copywriting and article writing)

Catherine Published by AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.)

More of Catherine in the News!

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Catherine sharing
her advice at events

  • Catherine was part of an AWAI bootcamp where she shared her secrets for writing for the self-help market in Delray Beach, Florida. This note mentions Catherine was there.

And just for fun: Here are a
few of Catherine's "favourite things"

***Favourite Music from a Classic Movie: The Sound of Music song, "My Favorite Things" 

***Favourite Food: Chinese food

***Favourite Comic Book Movie: Thor

***Favourite Christmas Movie: It's a Wonderful Life

***Favourite Super Hero: Superman

***Favourite Super Hero Couple: Clark Kent and Lois Lane

***Favourite TV Show: It's a tie! Smallville and Friends

***Favourite Exercise: Walking with our dogs

***Favourite Hobby: Ballroom dancing with my husband!

A few more of Catherine's
"favourite things"

***Favourite Author: Norman Vincent Peale

***Favourite Colours: Pink and purple

***Favourite Bird: A hummingbird