Stock Image Idea: Chipmunk with Seed

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**Published: August 1, 2016**     **Updated: August 15, 2016**

"Behind-the-Scenes" Interview By: Daisey, the "Paws-itive" Beagle

“Hi Chippie!”

Catherine calls every chipmunk in our yard, “Chippie.”

And this little “Chippie” was very happy gathering seed as Catherine snapped away with her camera.

One photo turned out beautifully for stock photography – sharp focus, nice blurred background, good composition, and a cute expression (the chipmunk had chubby cheeks full of food).

Daisey: What inspired you to take this chipmunk photo?

Catherine: I had my camera and zoom lens outside because I was intending to take photos of other things, such as some memories of flowers my husband Matt planted for us.

Close to where the flowers were planted, a chipmunk stopped by a rock where there was seed.

I started snapping away. The opportunity was there. I had my camera. So I acted on the photo moment.

Daisey: Why do you think this chipmunk photo is a good stock image?

Catherine: I was pleasantly surprised to see how the bird seed added vibrant colour to the image. At first, I thought the seed might look messy spread all over the place on the rock. But instead, it adds interest, making the image a bit more unique.

I also feel the composition is strong – with the chipmunk standing to the left of the image, and copy space provided naturally from the surroundings. In fact, the composition was so strong, I didn’t even have to crop this image. This is good because stock photo agencies will get a good quality, large photo from me.

Daisey: How can this chipmunk photo inspire photographers with ideas?

Catherine: Act on the moment. Snap away. Yes, it’s good to understand how to get a good photo with your camera, and to know which settings are best. But when the moment arises, and you’ve got your camera, act.

In fact, I encourage photographers to keep their camera handy as much as possible. Sometimes amazing photo opportunities aren’t planned. They just happen like this image of “Chipmunk with Seed.”

My husband Matt and I put seed on this rock almost daily for the wildlife. It’s a routine thing for chipmunks to show up here. Now I have a great stock photo from it.

Daisey: What photo editing tips or insights can you share?

Catherine: The sun was very bright when I photographed Chippie. I remember the light reflecting off Chippie’s fur. There were however some super-bright spots that didn’t seem right – like they came from my lens sensor or something.

So I carefully went over the image, using the “Healing Brush” tools in Photoshop Elements to remove any bright spots that didn’t feel right. Anything that seemed like a true sun reflection, I left alone.

Here’s what I mean...

There’s a bright red spot on the chipmunk’s ear (below) that didn't seem right so I edited it out.

Image coming soon!

Daisey: What camera settings did you use to take this chipmunk photo? 

Catherine: Here is what helped me achieve this strong stock photo...

camera settings coming soon!

Daisey: How does your chipmunk photo fulfill a customer need?

Catherine: I think it’s best suited for wildlife blogs.

I think it’s also a good Canadian souvenir photo, such as, ending up on a postcard one day!

My mom got me a precious chipmunk postcard many years ago – the little chipmunk was looking directly at the camera with stuffed cheeks full of food. Adorable.

So that would be neat to see in my chipmunk stock image on a Canadian souvenir postcard. 

Daisey: What title, description, and keywords did you use for this Chipmunk with Seed stock image?

Catherine: Here they are...

Title: Chipmunk with Seed

Description: Chipmunk with chubby cheeks stands on a stone with abundant bird seed. Blurred background provides copy space.

Keywords: Adorable; Animal; Blurred Background; Brown; Bird Seed; Black Oil Sunflower Seeds; Canadian Wildlife; Chipmunk; Chubby Cheeks; Copy Space; Colorful; Corn; Cute; Food; Food Source; Furry; Green; Mammal; Outside; Outdoors; Ontario Wildlife; Peanuts; Rodent; Nature; Seed; Small; Stone; Wildlife; Wild

Daisey: Which stock photo agencies accepted this Chipmunk with Seed image?

Catherine: Here are the stock photo agencies that now offer a commercial license to use this "Chipmunk with Seed" image:

(More links coming soon!)

  • Chipmunk with Seed on Can Stock Photo
  • Chipmunk with Seed on 123RF
  • Chipmunk with Seed on iStock

Thanks Catherine! I hope you are “paws-itively” inspired too!


Daisey, the “Paws-itive” Beagle

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