When You Need Quality
Photos of Your Event...

 This Event Photographer has
"paws-itive" reviews and serves
the Muskoka, Almaguin Highlands
and Parry Sound regions.

Events include (but are not limited to):

  • Events your business are hosting 
  • Public events you, and your employees, are attending 
  • Family reunions
  • Family and friend summer parties
  • Birthday parties ... and more!

Also, although Catherine's market is located in the Muskoka, Almaguin Highlands and Parry Sound regions -- she is open to travelling further for events throughout Ontario. Please just ask Catherine (please scroll down the page for Catherine's contact details.)

Here are what people have said about Catherine's event photography:

"Her ideas and creativity of how to assemble a large group from 75 to one subject are amazing."

"Catherine Cairns-O'Keefe is the best professional photographer in our Muskoka area. She has an eye for detail and a creative perspective that she utilizes in all of her shots and images.

Catherine has taken many photographs of our guests in our home and on our property for our Muskoka Summer Parties for over five years now.

She would always be the only photographer I would ever use.

Her ideas and creativity of how to assemble a large group from 75 to one subject are amazing. I have loved every shot she has taken for us whether colour or black and white.

She has been trained in this field and she has this innate capacity to make the photograph pop with style and sharpness.

Her kindness, patience and concern for all involved makes her the best there is in photography.

I would not hesitate in encouraging friends and family to utilize her many skills.

With thanks and many blessings,

Maria and Peter Barber" (Muskoka, Ontario)

"You were fabulous to work with..."

For the 2012 Evening of Excellent event, R. MacDonald, (TLDSB Communications Assistant) wrote:“Thanks again for all your great work - we appreciate all your wonderful stories and pictures!”

When Catherine worked on the Muskoka Mud Run story, R. MacDonald, (TLDSB Communications Assistant) wrote: “Thank-you for the story and pictures, they are awesome!”

In September – the start of a new school year – Catherine received this note from R. MacDonald (TLDSB Communications Assistant): “I just wanted to check in and see if you were interested in being our 2012-2013 Muskoka Roving Reporter. You were fabulous to work with last year…”

If you'd like to see more testimonials, please click here.

Meet Catherine. She's a caring photographer that will take exceptional event images for you:

Catherine started photography professionally in 2009 while still running her full-time copywriting business.

In the Spring of 2014, she retired from copywriting and embraced a creative career in photography and online publishing. Her success story appears on the AWAI's Wall of Fame.

AWAI is the American Writers and Artists Inc. -- the company that has played a huge role in helping Catherine live a wonderful freelancer's life.

Catherine continues to learn and grow professionally, and is experienced in taking top quality portraits, wedding photos, editorial photos, and stock images. 

Her mission? To "sprinkle goodness" in our world with photos that inspire, support good causes, help memories last "fur-ever" and other "paws-itive" purposes.

Want to know more about Catherine? See Catherine's full professional biography here.

Event photography fees:

  • Event Photo Package #1: $97 for "up to" 5 images. Plus mileage at 0.45 cents per km to and from the event.
  • Event Photo Package #2: $179 for "up to" 10 images. Plus mileage at 0.45 cents per km to and from the event.
  • Event Photo Package #3: $275 for "up to" 15 images. Plus mileage at 0.45 cents per km to and from the event.
  • Event Photo Package #4: $370 for "up to" 20 images. Plus mileage at 0.45 cents per km to and from the event.

In most cases, Catherine will provide the maximum number of images per fee level (for example, she'll provide 10 images for an event fee of $179 or 20 images for an event fee of $370). If you need more than 20 images, Catherine can customise a special offer for you. Please just ask (Catherine's email is shared further down this page).

On the other hand, if you only needed 1 image, Catherine's fee is still $97. 

Images are made available on a password protected page on Catherine's website, StockImageIdeas. She will email you the link and password so you can access your event photos. The link will remain active for 2 weeks (of course, if you need them to remain active longer, please just ask).

Special opportunity to SAVE 25%

You can SAVE 25% on your event when you give Catherine permission to include the event photos she takes for you in her portfolio. Her portfolio includes online and offline media (such as her website, pamphlets, future books, and other marketing media for her business).

Right now, although Catherine has experience as an event photographer, she does not have samples she can publish publicly online. Though, she can show you her current portfolio on her laptop as a slideshow presentation a public location, such as Tim Hortons. 

So please know your permission to include samples publicly is a wonderful help to Catherine -- and she wants to thank you with a 25% SAVINGS -- on any Event Package you choose.

Two options to pay Catherine:

BEST OPTION for FASTEST DELIVERY #1.) When you pay Catherine the full fee up front, through PayPal, you will receive the link to your images within a 24 hour** window after your event. (**If there are a greater number of images, such as 50 - 100 or more images, more time is required.)

OPTION #2.) You can pay Catherine 50% up front through PayPal. Then, the remaining balance after you review Catherine's photos. In this case, Catherine will send you the link to the final images within a 7-14 day window after your event. The photos will have a watermark. You can review them to see if you're happy. Then, when you pay the final balance through PayPal, Catherine will promptly re-send the link with the final images without a watermark so they're ready for you to download.  

Please Note: Catherine professionally edits all her event photographs. Edits include colour correcting or perfecting exposure so your images pop on your website, social media messages, marketing materials, and more. But any requested edits cost extra (such as a request to whiten a background). Plus, additional time is needed for requested edits.

Before you hire Catherine,
please read this "paws-itively" important boundary:

Events MUST be family-friendly environments. If there is any inappropriate behaviour or language, Catherine reserves the right to leave the event -- even if she has not completed her assignment. Should this happen, Catherine will refund payment, but unfortunately this also means no photos delivered.

Rest assured, if your environment is a safe and healthy one -- Catherine looks forward to attending and taking memorable event photos for you!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you're not happy with your event photos
you'll get your money back

Catherine's guarantee to you is the "promise to photograph, edit, and deliver top-quality event photos for you." She has "paws-itive" reviews by people who've already had photos delivered and she promises to do her very best for you too.

Of course, if you're not thrilled with the images Catherine takes for you, and you will not use them, Catherine will refund 100% of your purchase price.

Rest assured, even with this money-back guarantee, Catherine intends to do amazing photography work for you!

If all sounds "purr-fect" for what you need, here's how to contact Catherine:

Contact Catherine with any questions or to schedule your next event at sprinklegoodness@yahoo.ca and include the words "Event Photographer" in your subject line so it stands out in Catherine's inbox. Then, Catherine will help you get "purr-fect" photos for your next event!

Please contact Catherine at least one month in advance before your event. Events are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you're interested in hiring Catherine, please do inquire and act today so she can help you get the photos you need.

Many thanks!