Fun Photo Ideas
(That are Not Stock or Fine Art Images)

Not every photo you take will sell as stock or fine art. But if you enjoy taking photos - as Catherine does - sometimes photos fit into a "fun" category. 

They're simply "fun" to take, and give you great memories.

For example, near the top of this page is Rhino, Catherine and Matt's pet hamster. This image helps Catherine remember a cool movie Catherine and Matt got for free. They got "Muppet Treasure Island" for free from their Disney Movie Rewards points.

Catherine likes taking "gratitude photos," such as the one posted here. But it was fun letting Rhino, the adorable hamster, join in on the photo memory. It was also a great way to use a wonderful gift Matt made Catherine -- a mini photo studio.

So this page is where we'll share some "fun" photo ideas with you (that are not stock or fine art related) ... but that will still "paws-itively" inspire you!