What Inspired this Stock Image?
Read on to gain creative ideas for your photography...

We, the paws-itive pets, interview our mommy about her photos so you gain abundant ideas for your stock photography. Of course, if you're interested in other types of photography, we hope you get paws-itively inspired, too!

Here are the types of questions we ask our mommy and what you can expect to learn...

What inspired you to take this image?

Our mommy will share insights as to what inspires her photography ideas. If you've ever wondered what to photograph next, you'll soon discover the everyday presents bountiful photo opportunities for you when you know where to look.

How can this image inspire ideas for photographers?

Our mommy will share ideas or tips so you can apply the photography inspiration to your life. 

Any photo lessons or editing tips you can share?

We'll paw-forward any tips our mommy learned while taking the photo we're interviewing her about. Sometimes she learns a photo lesson. Other times, she learns a new editing skill or discovers a helpful resource. Whatever it is, we'll make sure you stay informed.

Who is this photo for?

In stock photography, it's wise to know who your market is when you're taking photos. Catherine will share which people or companies she sees her photo suiting the best. This will help you start thinking about how to take photos that people need, and will therefore, purchase a commercial license to use, earning you income! 

What are the title, keywords and description?

You'll also need to get in the habit of providing a title, description and keywords for every photo you submit to stock photo agencies. Catherine will share what she wrote so you start to get familiar with the type of wording stock photo agencies are accepting.

Which stock photo agencies accepted this stock image?

We'll provide a link to the stock photo agencies that offers a commercial license to use our mommy's photos. This is for people who are interested in getting our mommy's photo for their project needs. It will also give you an idea as to how many agencies are accepting the image.

If you enjoyed this interview...

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