Stock Image Ideas for You,
Issue #004 by Paws-itive Kitties

Newsletter Sent to Subscribers On: July 27th, 2016

Updated Online: July 28, 2016

Hello Friends, 

Welcome to our fourth newsletter! In case you missed last month’s issue, you can see the June 2016 archive here.

For today, here are three new stock image ideas for you:

1.) “Best Dessert Ever” Photography Idea:

What’s your favourite dessert? Most likely it is something you’d enthusiastically label as “Best Dessert Ever!” Now take a stock image of it.

Catherine and Matt shared a Cookies and Cream Cake at their New Year’s Eve dinner (December 31, 2015). Catherine awarded it her Best Dessert Ever and thankfully, took a photo before it disappeared. It was only intended as a memory but through some photo editing, Catherine created a unique close-up angle. It has already sold on Shutterstock!

See the before and after here, plus the Green Cupcakes image that inspired the unique angle through photo editing.

2.) Social Media Photography Idea:

In Twitter, you’ll often see hashtags (#). Catherine arranged bars of chocolate into the shape of a hashtag symbol (#). Then she added a heart-shaped box to the image.

See how Catherine turned some chocolate and a unique heart-shaped box into a social media stock image for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other messages about love here on Mostphotos.

3.) Vignette Photography Idea:

Catherine wondered, “Do stock photo agencies accept images with vignettes?” After all, designers can add their own effects – such as a vignette – when they buy a commercial license to use it. A vignette is a curved or oval decorative border around the edges of a photo.

Catherine did a search on a stock photo agency website and discovered that they do accept images with vignettes. So she added a white vignette to Angel’s cat photo (yes, my photo!) to create even more uniqueness.

See the image here for inspiration.

We hope that you find these ideas helpful as you pursue your photography projects.

We look forward to sending more stock image ideas on the 27th of next month!


Buster and Angel, the “Paws-itive” Kitties