A "Purr-spective" that Helps You Take Better Photos

**Published: June 4, 2016**     **Updated: January 22, 2017**

An Article By: Buster the "Paws-itive" Kitty

Here’s a simple tip about how our mommy, Catherine, has improved her photography. We’re “paw-ing it forward” so that it can help you, too.

This tip is to simply… Look Up.

When you’re photographing your subject just point your camera up and take some shots. Is it better?

Catherine can’t recall experimenting this with people for portraits yet. But she’d like to share a few examples where looking up created some interesting photographs.

To begin, let me back up a little and show you some “before” and “after” shots.

For instance, when Catherine was assisting on a wedding photography job, one of her tasks was to take various photos of the church. Here is one result:

Catherine likes this image. (And, on a side note, the sky here was overcast. So she used a simple technique called “framing” – and used surrounding trees to cover the overcast sky.)

Here is another result. This one is a direct, front view of the church entrance:

Now, do you see the cross sculpture at the top?

Well, as Catherine waited for the bride to arrive, she stood near the front doors (entrance) of the church, standing almost directly under the cross. Catherine remembered looking up and seeing the cross. So, she pointed her camera up.

Pointing the Camera Up Resulted in this Unique Photo Purr-spective:

Catherine loves this image. Out of all the photos she took of the church that day, this is her favourite.

None of the images of the church I showed you are wrong. It’s just that “looking up,” created a very intriguing, unique purr-spective.

Catherine’s husband, Matt, (a.k.a. our daddy) has this cross image on his Mac computer, as his desktop image. It is sweet of him to support Catherine’s creativity like that.

In another example, Catherine stood close to an apple tree at Matt’s parents’ farm. She pointed her camera up a little and got this:

Looking Up at the Apples in this Tree Created Another Unique Purr-spective

This "Apples in an Apple Tree" image is now one of Catherine’s stock photos, available to photo buyers around the world.

The next time you’re looking for a simple way to improve your photography, simply “look up.”


Buster, the “Paws-itive” Kitty

P.S.: Here are the stock photo agencies that sell a "commercial license" to use the "Cross Sculpture" image for your project needs: 

P.P.S.: Here are the stock photo agencies that sell a "commercial license" to use the "Apples in an Apple Tree" image for your project needs: