Stock Image Idea: Maple Mousse Cake for Canada Day Celebrations

**Published: June 7, 2016**     **Updated: June 27, 2016**

An Article By: Daisey, the "Paws-itive" Beagle

Daisey here! Catherine wanted me to paw-forward her inspiration and discoveries for turning a slice of Maple Mousse cake into a Canada Day stock image.

I'm so happy to share these insights with you.

It began on a trip to the grocery store (Metro) with her hubby (and our daddy!) Matt. There Catherine saw a "Maple Mousse Cake." Canada Day themes sprung to Catherine's mind. She knew she had a Canadian Flag at home, and she knew "patriotic" themes existed on stock photo agencies.

When to do a "Patriotic" dessert image instead of a regular dessert image

There's lots of great dessert images on stock photo agencies. Catherine likes striving to make hers unique. So she chose a patriotic theme.

Choosing a theme is a good way to add more uniqueness to your stock image idea.

In this example, if you search stock photo agencies for "Canada Day" or "Canada Day desserts," you'll see desserts with red and white themed colours. Catherine incorporated "red and white" colours into her image through the Canadian Flag. But the Maple Mousse Cake itself is unique and Canadian themed.

How? Canada is known for delicious maple syrup. Plus, the chocolate maple leaf on top is so wonderfully "Canadian!"

Time will tell if Catherine's unique photo perspective for Canada Day celebrations will sell well, but I hope it inspires you to think creatively too. Here are other tips I can paw-forward to you...

Observations from other food photos that Catherine applied to her Maple Mousse Cake image:

Leaf through any food magazine and you'll see these observations apply, and are ideas you can apply to your food images, too. Ready? Here we go:

  • Showing "cake crumbs" are better than a polished, clean looking platter. That's why Catherine left some of the cake crumbs in her image. It looks how it does in real-life. It's messy cutting a maple mousse cake, and it's good to show some of that reality in your photo. Of course, it's okay to tidy it up "a little." But keep the essence of reality in there.
  • Have a strong focus point. Then let the rest of the image blur into the background. In Catherine's example, the focus is on the "chocolate maple leaf." The rest of the image, including the Canadian Flag blurs into the background. 
  • Provide "copy space" for designers or photo buyers to add in their text. In Catherine's "Maple Mousse Cake" image the Canadian Flag provides copy space for people to add in text or a special message. 

The idea to place the Canadian Flag in the background came from another American patriotic stock image. If you search for “July 4th” on stock photo agencies, which is America’s holiday, there are amazing, inspiring images too.

In fact, there's an image where the American Flag is in the background with two dogs in front. So Catherine knew putting the flag in the background had been down before, and might work here too. 

"Ingredient tip" learned from the Maple Mousse Cake stock image:

  • Look at the ingredient list. This can help you find accurate keywords for your stock image.

For example, Catherine wondered if this cake really had maple syrup in it or on it. Yes, it was called "Maple Mousse Cake," but there's so many artificial ingredients out there, it's hard to know. And, Catherine wanted to make sure she was including honest keywords.

It was fine to include the keyword "Maple Mousse Cake," but could she also include "maple syrup?" According to the ingredients -- the accurate words were "Maple Flavor" and "Maple Syrup Flavor" so those are the keywords she used.

Here are the final "keywords" our mommy applied to her Maple Mousse Cake for Canada Day Celebrations:

Baked; Cake; Cake Slices; Canada Day; Canada Day Celebration; Canadian Flag; Celebrate; Chocolate Maple Leaf; Closeup; Corn Syrup Glaze; Copy Space; Delicious; Dessert; Festive; Food; Holiday; July 1st; Special Occasion; Patriotic; Red Maple Leaf; Silver Platter; Maple Flavor; Maple Syrup Flavor; Maple Mousse Cake; National Symbol; Sweet; Sugary; Treat; White; Yummy; Cake Slice; Serving Cake;


Daisey, the "Paws-itive" Beagle