Photo Resources for Stock Photographers

This page is where we "paw forward" helpful resources to help you stay informed and succeed in stock photography. 

How do you get started in stock photography? Microstock Insider is all about selling stock photography on microstock websites. Their tips on how to get started begin here.

    How do you know which public areas or products are subject to copyright, and therefore, are unacceptable for commercial use? 

Adobe Stock also has a resource of known image restrictions here.

"What's the colour name for #E70079?" Catherine wondered. She found another great resource that helped her find the colour name of #E70079 -- Razzmatazz. It included shades and tints, colour harmonies, HTML code & CSS. 

Catherine found this site helpful in picking colours for her website (this one!) and she wanted us to "paw it forward." If you're looking for specific colours, but also want to know what colours go well together, this HTML CSS Color Picker site is very helpful.